Our Partners


"GrayWolf Sensing Solutions was formed to provide advanced sensor, software and instrumentation technology, employing the power of mobile and embedded computers for superior environmental test instrumentation. Our products are designed to diagnose opportunities to improve the productivity, health and safety of people, while increasing energy efficiency in buildings and identifying 'green' solutions for the planet.

GrayWolf's management (with over 100 years' experience in the industry between the 4 founding partners), along with our highly experienced service and sales staff, have brought our extensive environmental instrumentation knowledge to bear to supply solutions that overcome the obstacles that limit traditional manufacturers.

GrayWolf continues to develop new, cutting edge products. Most recently, 2011 has seen the introduction of the unique, highly versatile AdvancedSense embedded computer based environmental meter (at a time that many companies in our industry won’t support instruments >7 years old, clients with 12+ year-old GrayWolf probes are able to upgrade to use them with this powerful new platform). For 2013 GrayWolfLive™webhosting for remote access (via your iPad, Android phone, etc.) to data from GrayWolf's WiFi enabled monitors has been released, and additional sensors and new platforms are under development."