Level Recorder

The LR-07 level recorder is ideal for a wide range of applications, including sound and vibration level recording, acoustic transducer measurements, and linear voltage recording.
It complies with JIS C 1512 standards for level recorders for sound level meters and vibration level meters.


  • Records sound or vibration levels
  • Records DC voltages
  • External control of pen, paper feed, and marker functions
  • Measurement with coordinated paper feed
  • Operates in sync with level processing equipment

Versatile external control
Pen movement, paper feed start/stop, marker operation, and paper feed rate selection can be controlled from other equipment.

Paper-feed controlled measurement
When the measured sound or vibration level exceeds a certain threshold, paper feed can be automatically increased for easier reading of the recorded information. This saves paper and is useful for example in train and airplane noise measurements or other situations where non-continuous events are to be recorded.

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