Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

With the rising levels of pollution worldwide coupled with an increasing amount of urbanization, Indoor Air Quality is becoming an essential parameter to monitor to ensure health and productivity.

GrayWolf Sensing’s Indoor Air Quality measurement devices offer an easy to use, highly accurate yet portable system to make Indoor Air Quality Measurements.

The measurements can be performed on a wide variety of display units ranging from a purpose built AdvanceSense hand held device to a Windows 8 Tablet or Laptop if the user wishes to utilize their own device.

With advanced reporting capabilities and a wide variety of sensors the GrayWolf Indoor Air Quality measurement system is ideal for Indoor Air Quality professionals.


Measurement of Toxic Gases to ensure worker safety

Monitoring Toxic Gases in a workplace is paramount to worker safety and health. Even small amounts of toxic gases can cause major health issues for workers.

With GrayWolf Sensing’s wide range of sensors it is possible to measure gases and put into place processes to ensure worker health is never compromised.

The ability to take measurements on the ruggedized AdvanceSense display units allows the user to ensure that field measurements can be easily made. The probes can also be utilized with Windows 8 Laptops and Tablets if required.

With easy to use reporting tools, the GrayWolf Toxic Gas Measurement is the ideal tool for ensuring worker health and documenting the results of measurements taken.


Particulate measurement

Particulate measurement is essential in areas where high-tech or life science manufacturing is being undertaken.

It is required for standards compliance as well as to ensure the product quality. Through the use of GrayWolf’s particulate measurement system, regular audits of the space can be performed.

Coupled with GrayWolf’s advanced reporting programme it allows for easy and effective reporting to ensure compliance.

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Monitoring Indoor Air Quality, Measurement of Toxic Gases to ensure worker safety, Particulate measurement

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