Low Frequency Sound

Low Frequency Sound

General Low Frequency Sound

For measurements in the range below 20 Hz, use the high-precision sound level meter NL-62 supporting measurement from 1 Hz.

The model has a help function that facilitates use in the field also without consulting the instruction manual.

The meter is waterproof (IP54 rating, excluding microphone), so sudden rain during outdoor use is not a problem.

An auto store function is standard, allowing continuous recording of measured instantaneous sound levels, time averaged sound levels etc.
Recorded data can be managed with the AS-60 data management software for environmental measurement.


Low Frequency Sound of Wind Power

The high-precision sound level meter NL-62 with low frequency sound measurement function allows performing measurements covering a wide range from 1 Hz to 20 Hz with a single instrument.

Installation of the NX-62RT program enables octave and 1/3 octave band analysis.
Sudden rainfall is also no problem, thanks to the water-resistant rating of the unit.
Continuous measurement for up to one month is possible (using the AC adapter and a 2 GB memory card).

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General Low Frequency Sound, Low Frequency Sound of Wind Power

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